Our group is practically Swiss!
We share a common, longstanding history and each of our forebears established their roots here.


Banque de l’Indochine, one of the original parent companies of our group, was co-founded and operated by the son of Swiss bankers, Edouard Hentsch, the first Chairman of the bank created in 1875.

Our other Swiss ancestor originated in 1876, when the fledgling Crédit Lyonnais opened its first branch in Geneva. More than a century later in 1996, the bank would also base the oversight of its international Private Banking network in Geneva, thus laying the foundation for our current platform. In the meantime, solid positions were built here, not only in Wealth Management but also in international trade finance, financial trading and the financing of major international corporate deals—all specialised fields that still hold pride of place in our Swiss operations.



Yet another of our roots can be traced back to 1948, the year that saw the creation in Switzerland of Bullion Exchange Trading, a company specialising in precious metals and paving the way for our current expertise in the field. Many others followed, with the Banque de l’Indochine opening branches in Lausanne in 1957, Geneva in 1979 and Zurich in 1983. After Crédit Agricole Indosuez was created in 1996, development of Swiss operations gathered, particularly with the acquisition of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (Suisse) SA in 2001 and Intesa BCI Bank (Suisse) in 2003.

When Crédit Lyonnais joined Crédit Agricole group in 2003, it formed one of the top banking institutions in Europe. The merger of the two groups' operations in Switzerland in 2005 gave rise to our Swiss office, one of the very first foreign banks in the country.

Today, we continue to write our story at Indosuez Wealth Management, which comprises all Crédit Agricole group entities specialising in Wealth Management.

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