Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals

Some of our clients require particular attention due to the size, diversity, and complexity of their wealth.
To help them achieve their goals and meet all their requirements, Indosuez Wealth Management offers 100% bespoke services.

Bespoke hand-crafted solutions 

Wealth Management shares common ground with the leading fashion houses.

Sometimes only a tailored solution crafted using the client's exact measurements and carefully sewn together by passionate experts will be sufficient.

Indosuez Wealth Management is driven by the same commitment to perfection as the finest tailors and, when necessary, it will design and implement exceptional solutions drawing on the most sophisticated expertise. 


Meeting complex requirements

Some families have members living in different countries, or are expatriates who move around often. Others want to apply ethical, cultural, or religious principles or give a particular meaning to their investments. When the size of a family's fortune means various structures are needed to manage it, Indosuez Wealth Management is one of the few professionals able to provide the level of service required.

We are committed to providing an outstanding level of service, and offer a different, best-in-class international response to large private investors. We are also able to meet these clients' aspirations for global wealth management solutions and personal services.


Tailored services 

With its expert in-house resources, Indosuez Wealth Management can rapidly design and implement exclusive solutions across its entire range of activity. For example, in wealth structuring, we have solid experience in creating and managing private investment companies on behalf of wealthy families. Our dedicated investment teams put their Discretionary Portfolio Management expertise to work for large private investors, using client instructions to guide their decisions. An ad hoc investment committee can be convened to discuss a fully bespoke mandate or fund dedicated to an individual family and meeting specific criteria. We can also build tailored structured products or vehicles that allow clients to support philanthropic causes. Our teams will work closely with our clients' other trusted advisors in order to deliver the best possible service. 


Rare products and services 

As well as providing bespoke solutions, the teams at Indosuez Wealth Management, CA CIB – the Group's Corporate and Investment Banking arm – and Crédit Agricole Group's other entities can also consult the market to find the most appropriate service or solution.

We can propose a selection of premium investments that comply with certain ethical or religious convictions, for example.  At the request of a client or an international family office, our teams can also bring in the best experts in highly specialised areas of wealth management such as financial consolidation, performance analysis, art and insurance brokerage or assistance with the transfer of a family's place of residence. 

Alongside our financial products, our Banking and Beyond services provide exceptional support to clients seeking rare assets such as a vineyard, forest, luxury home or prestigious apartment.  


International services

With 31 offices in the world's major financial centres, Indosuez Wealth Management can provide an international approach to managing the wealth of clients who hold accounts and assets in several countries, coordinated by a Senior Banker. This service is ideal for families whose members live in several different countries, or those who have several places of residence.

Indosuez Wealth Management's vast resources and its long history of serving international ultra-high net worth individuals mean it can offer its clients a different standard of premium services. 

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