With more than a century of experience in serving clients who often invest in philanthropic causes, Indosuez Wealth Management has developed expert capabilities in supporting associations and foundations.
Its long-term cash management expertise and other dedicated services are available to financial institutions.

Specialist teams adding value 

We have a team specialised in the creation and management of not-for-profit organisations on behalf of our Wealth Management clients.

With this speciality, Indosuez Wealth Management has developed solutions adapted to the status and specific features of associations and foundations, in particular in terms of ethics and security. Our clients include many such institutions, which benefit from our specifically-developed cash management solutions, in particular.  Our team is rapidly able to access the right expertise to assist these clients with complex lending facilities, real estate investments, insurance, etc.

Support for intermediate-sized financial institutions

Our clients also include a number of financial institutions, life insurance companies, retirement or insurance funds, insurance underwriters within conglomerates, bespoke funds and local authorities. We provide them with the expertise available as part of our global Architects of Wealth service: Structuring Wealth, Investing Wealth, Banking and Beyond.


Other dedicated services

As well as offering Advisory services, Discretionary Portfolio Management and Structured Products, we can also provide these institutions with additional services including access to the trading floor, payment flow management, securities clearing and global custody.

Some private banks use Indosuez Wealth Management's bank logistics services, which allow the full outsourcing of IT and back-office processing for banking transactions.

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