Real Estate

Real estate is a natural part of our clients' overall fortune, it is also an investment opportunity.
Whatever your reasons, Indosuez Wealth Management can accompany you with your real estate transactions in many countries and manage them as part of a wealth strategy.

Real estate - an important asset 

There are many reasons for investing in real estate. The choice of a home will often be an emotional one, providing a place for your family to live and grow. The purchase of other types of real estate will often be part of a diversification strategy or a search for profit in the form of an investment in retail or office space, rental properties, a hotel, or even a forest or vineyard. In any case, a real estate transaction is by nature a wealth event, and must be managed as such.


Multi-disciplinary support

Indosuez Wealth Management's teams of Real Estate specialists provide full support, drawing on the Bank's other expertise as necessary, for example, advice on the best form of ownership. We can also offer financing solutions, subject to local constraints and regulations, and produce investment recomendations. You will therefore benefit from comprehensive advice for the purchase or sale of a real estate asset in many countries.


Structured support and additional services

At Indosuez Wealth Management, we always start by listening. Our specialist real estate team will ask about your situation and goals and will analyse your existing real estate assets if necessary.

You will then benefit from our expert analysis of market trends, which is regularly available in our publications and research notes. On request, we can perform a personalised market study or an assessment. You will benefit from our objective advice whether your plans involve a residential or commercial property, or office space. 

In many countries, we can also assist with the search and selection of investment opportunities or buyers for properties being placed on the market. We will assist and advise you during negotiations, and our Structuring Wealth teams will optimise the structure of your planned transactions.

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