Forex and Precious Metals

Indosuez Wealth Management gives its clients direct access to the world's largest financial market - the forex and precious metals market - with tailored support.

Attractive asset classes

The forex and precious metals markets are of particular interest to our clients and often have a rightful place in a wealth planning structure, in particular to achieve diversification.

A forex investment strategy can, for example, be an additional performance driver owing to the volatility of this market. It can also provide security for wealth strategies that incur currency risk, such as the purchase or sale of property or assets abroad. And when the economic and financial backdrop is unsettled, the forex markets remain extremely liquid.

Precious metals are another interesting asset class. They can be considered "quasi-currencies," since they are quoted on international spot, forward, and OTC markets. Gold - the traditional safe haven investment - is not correlated to traditional financial assets and can be used in an inter-generational wealth approach.


Leading experts and direct access

Indosuez Wealth Management has a team of international experts providing support and personalised advice on these markets, which require true expertise. Clients therefore have direct access to the forex and precious metals markets, while benefiting from expert advice.

Depending on market conditions, our experts can provide tailored investment strategies, vanilla spot currency transactions or currency trading, forward transactions and/or options, or structured products with our without capital protection, in partnership with our specialist team. We set up model portfolios to advise our clients on a currency allocation, depending on their reference currency and their investor profile.

Our team is present and active on all the main markets around the world, from the start of trading in Asia to the close in the Americas.

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