Our way of doing things

Drawing on 140 years of history, roots around the world, a wealth of experience and the exemplary profile of our shareholder, we have carefully forged a philosophy and a way of doings things all of our own.
A way of doing things that, because it mirrors the quality of the relationships we have woven with each client and makes Indosuez Wealth Management an exemplary employer, we feel merits a brief insight.

A way of doing things that speaks for the clients who choose us

Choosing Indosuez Wealth Management means first and foremost choosing to work alongside a partner that places the very highest value on the human dimension. A partner that understands and respects that every individual is unique, be they client or colleague.

Choosing Indosuez Wealth Management means believing in the strength and duty that go hand-in-hand with responsibility. Our responsibility as a partner and the responsibility we entrust to our teams in constantly ensuring that their work is always in the best interests of others: certainly in the best interests of our clients, but also of all other stakeholders and the world that surrounds them.

Choosing Indosuez Wealth Management means valuing new horizons - both geographical and in terms of expertise - and diversity.


Actions that speak louder than words

For more than 140 years we have served individuals, families and entrepreneurs around the world, delivering expert financial advice and exceptional service. Today, we continue to serve our clients as individuals, helping them create, manage, protect and pass on enduring wealth.

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The concept of you as an individual is at the very core of our culture, based on a unique tradition of delivering hands-on local banking across many regions of the world. Today, CA Indosuez’s heritage provides us with a unique insight and perspective that is combined with the reassuring financial strength of one of Europe’s top five banks. 

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With deep roots in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas – unlike most of our peers – we have continued to invest in our local teams and entrust local management to make important decisions, leading to more responsive relationships and quicker decision-making.                                                             

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