Léon Michelot

Chief explorer

It was also in 1875 that Reunion Island-born Léon Michelot was named the first deputy director of the Banque de l’Indochine branch in Saigon, before being given the reins four years later.

A new dimension for the network in Asia

Having proved his worth, it was in 1888 that Michelot was appointed first Chief Internal Auditor for the bank's branches and was to add a whole new dimension to the bank's network with a series of new branches: Phnom Penh in 1890, Tourane (or Da Nang as it is known today) in 1891, Hong Kong in 1894, Bangkok in 1897, Shanghai in 1898, Canton and Hankou in 1902, Battambang in 1904, Singapore in 1905, as well as Tientsin and Peking in 1907.
A tireless worker, he remained the bank's main "man in the field" to the end. As well as his hallmark professionalism, he was also recognised for his human dimension and courage, particularly in service to his teams - a legacy for which we thank him and a leading example which we will always strive to follow.

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