Our CSR approach

At Indosuez Wealth Management, where responsibility and the human dimension are central to our very identity, the notion of Corporate Social Responsibility takes on its full meaning.
Our CSR approach is one of the core drivers behind our progress and development. Already widely developed in several entities, it is inextricably linked to our day-to-day activities.

A global commitment to continuous improvement 

Our goal is to integrate sustainable development concerns into every aspect of our work and every interaction with our stakeholders. To do so, we are conducting a broad, concrete programme structured around five priorities:

  1. Working to strengthen trust in client relations by training employees, focusing on ethics, etc.
  2. Helping clients to meet social, environmental and community challenges by taking them into account when analysing corporate risks, by supporting socially responsible investing, etc.
  3. Contributing to employee career development by making sure they remain employable, promoting diversity and work-life balance, etc.
  4. Furthering the economic, cultural and social development of the regions in which we operate, particularly through community-based initiatives and philanthropy.
  5. Limiting our direct ecological footprint: energy, waste, transportation and biodiversity.


A cross-business approach

Indosuez Wealth Management’s CSR commitments are coordinated by a cross-business CSR Committee. As well as a network of CSR correspondents, the committee includes representatives from different functions in different countries (France, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland and Miami).

The aim is to implement a universal CSR approach in all of our entities, and to focus on philanthropic work as a priority because of its value, both for us as well as for our clients. 

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Taking action with Crédit Agricole group that is built on Respect 

Indosuez Wealth Management is a committed partner of the CSR programme championed by our shareholder.

Crédit Agricole group is one of the highest-rated CSR-driven companies in the world and features prominently on all major sustainability indices. 

Centred on the notion of respect, Crédit Agricole group’s CSR measurement tool, FReD, perfectly mirrors our core values: personal commitment and a sense of responsibility, entrepreneurial spirit as part of a collective dynamic, dedication to others and respect. Launched in 2012, it is structured around a commitment to respect clients (Fides), employees (Respect) and the planet (Demeter). 



Crédit Agricole's commitments under its FReD initiative are embodied by different concrete and coordinated projects. What is more, respect for these commitments and projects is one of the criteria used to appraise the performance of our managers.

Each year, Indosuez Wealth Management draws up a specific action plan in consultation with its teams in the field which includes both cross-business and local projects. 



  • Protecting client interests: our primary goal will always be to act in the best interests of our clients. Amongst the new projects underway is a major cross-business initiative for greater consistency in the way in which suitability criteria are managed by different entities through the harmonisation of product classification, client/product adequacy rules and the definition of client profiles.
  • Protecting employee interests: our first commitment is to encourage the development and employability of all staff. Recent cross-business projects include the implementation of cross-business development programmes and a participatory initiative to deepen our perspective of the human resources challenges that lie ahead for Wealth Management.
  • Protecting the planet's interests: we are committed to reducing our direct ecological footprint. To achieve this, each individual entity is tasked with finding the best solutions to reduce their energy consumption (buildings and transport).


Promoting diversity

One of the CSR areas in which we excel is diversity.

It is written into our DNA. Today, our teams include over 50 nationalities from across the five continents. An inexhaustible source of wealth due to the varying perspectives it provides, diversity is a value we intend to cultivate.

Our progress targets and recent projects focus primarily on gender equity, with a training programme aimed at strengthening female leadership.

In addition, Indosuez Wealth Management is participating in the Crédit Agricole S.A. group programme to promote the employment of disabled people. 


Promoting socially responsible investment 

Indosuez Wealth Management is also dedicated to helping clients who want to increase their socially responsible investments.

For example, in partnership with Amundi's analysts, we propose to evaluate client portfolios based on SRI criteria. Launched in Switzerland, this innovative strategy is currently being rolled out in other locations.

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