Like master craftsmen, the women and men of Indosuez Wealth Management are driven by their shared pursuit of excellence.

Our Bank actively aids them in this pursuit by means of its identity and human resources initiatives.

Allowing each individual to realise their potential

Indosuez Wealth Management offers its staff members a vast array of career opportunities. This is primarily made possible by our Bank's profile, which covers a wide range of different businesses, and by our position within Crédit Agricole group, which opens up opportunities for rewarding, varied careers. Our international presence and the diversity of our teams also play an important role in this. Far from having a siloed organisational structure, Indosuez Wealth Management allows each individual to cross geographical or cultural borders, encouraging the sharing of ideas and stimulating innovation.  
This international dimension is backed by the advantage of a Bank on a human scale. We know that the amalgamation of the unique expertise of our 3,110 employees, underpinned by shared values and goals, provides the foundation for excellence in our client relationships.
These specific strengths, combined with our policy of affording our teams responsibility, mean that at Indosuez Wealth Management, each individual can make a mark, especially as our dynamic growth gives rise to a number of exciting projects and promotion opportunities.

Helping each individual in their pursuit of excellence

Our human resources policy supports each individual in their personal development. We encourage talent, support ambitions and respond to current needs to boost everyone's drive to achieve personal excellence. This individual approach, which is entwined with our team spirit, is the best possible guarantee of our shared success.

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Bringing together all our Wealth Management expertise

As Architects of Wealth, Indosuez's teams cover multiple disciplines: senior bankers and relationship managers, leading experts in wealth and financial structuring, investment solutions or philanthropic works, specialists in bank or credit transactions, processes or compliance, to name but a few.
With this vast range of businesses united under an international, cross-business structure, our staff can provide the outstanding service they are proud of, built on our 360-degree vision and our sense of shared responsibility.

Nurturing diversity

Indosuez Wealth Management's teams of highly-skilled individuals come from around fifty different countries, and their diversity and array of personalities set us apart from our peers. We intend to build on this strength and encourage diversity in all our offices. We also want to increase the number of women in executive and senior management roles.

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